Reading Recommendations

Books on Business, Technology, and Behavioral Economics – with a favorite quote or takeaway

Happiness and the theory of relativity – most people don’t know what they want unless they see it in context. We tend to evaluate lifestyle, jobs, coveted belongings with easily available comparisons. The good news is that we can sometimes control the “circles” around us, moving toward smaller circles that boost our relative happiness. If we are at our class reunion, and there’s a “big circle” in the middle of the room with a drink in his hand, boasting of his fancy car, we can consciously take several steps away and talk with someone else.

It’s less about the technology, and more about the experience it enables

First who then what – First get the right people on and the wrong people off the bus, then figure where to drive it. Who questions come before strategy, vision, direction

You must thoroughly analyze a company, and the soundness of its underlying businesses, before you buy its stock; you must deliberately protect yourself against serious losses; you must aspire to “adequate,” not extraordinary, performance.

Validate every action with – will this be ok if it appears on the first page of the Wall Street Journal?

External Blogs on Business, Technology, and Behavioral Economics – with a link to a favorite post

Stratechery – Ben’s blog goes deep into specifics as he maps current market trends and business model strategies to long term visions

5iq – Tren’s blog focuses on valuable lessons impacting business, investing, and technology

Dan Ariely’s Blog – A must-follow blog for anyone remotely interested in behavioral economics and the psychology of everyday decision making

If you enjoy behavioral economics, subscribe to the Ask Ariely feed – you won’t regret it!

Other Fun Reads – with more favorite quotes/takeaways

Great creators don’t necessarily have the deepest expertise but rather seek out the broadest perspectives

More than anything, this book drills perspective into you though a deeply touching true story – it is hard to capture the message in one quote

Authentic leadership means developing your own style – you do not have to be like anyone else

Be concise: brevity is the soul of wit: ask yourself what is the funny part of your story and how you can get there quickly without dwelling on details

Part of the way you develop excellence in an organisation is to be careful about the way you define success. I was always careful about setting specific, long-range targets. I would never say, ‘We expect to win the League and two pieces of silverware this season.’ First, it conveys the wrong message, because it sounds cocky and arrogant. Second, it applies a lot of additional pressure on everyone without any real benefit. Third, it sets everyone up for disappointment. It was much easier to say, ‘At United we expect to win every game,’.

There is only one way to learn – that is through action

Curious about the inner workings of a soccer club (or any other big sports team)? This book provides extremely detailed insights into both the business and sporting aspects

Who you are is defined by what you are willing to struggle for