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I am fortunate to get to write and speak about the latest innovations in tech as part of my day job. Below are some of my favorite pieces.

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Manage your Infrastructure with Terraform

A recent Forbes article outlined Terraform’s growing traction as the need for cloud infrastructure vendors expands. We’ve seen this trend in our developers who are looking to spin up infrastructure-as-code setups more and more often.  Read more and watch a demo video here

6 Security Team Goals for DevSecOps in 2020

I was quoted in Dark Reading for offering guidance on DevSecOps in 2020. Read more here

2020 DevOps Predictions

I was featured among industry experts offering thoughtful, insightful, and often controversial predictions on how DevOps and related technologies will evolve and impact business in 2020. Read more here (TechRepublic Version here, China News version here)

Akamai 2020 Predictions: Unlocking the next wave of DevOps driven efficiencies

DevOps based practices have reached the maturity point where CTOs and Architects are brainstorming ways to drive the next set of efficiencies in their software development lifecycles. This is at an interesting time when organizations are driving focus toward cost management and security. Expect a creative drive toward smarter, simpler, more secure, but cost-conscious DevOps initiatives in 2020. Read more here

For many, the holiday season translates to cheer, festivities, and feasting. Any developer in the retail industry will tell you it also translates to code freezes and a hard pause on initiatives focused on operational excellence.

It is often assumed that CI/CD pipelines, cloud migration strategies, and pretty much anything to do with DevOps is the last thing on the minds of development teams during the holiday season. However, in a world where 93% of organizations consider themselves to have adopted DevOps, this should no longer be the case. Read on here for three ways DevOps practices at the edge that can give retailers a boost this holiday season

The Unique Challenges of Designing API-Driven Challenges

As more organizations shift to an API-first development strategy to further drive innovation, partnerships and rich end user experiences, the proliferation of demand and consumption of APIs can bring its own challenges, if not properly executed from the get-go.

Amidst the ever-increasing rush to develop and publish an API to remain competitive, we see several common issues arise–and often only after the API is rolled out–that negatively impact integrations, future partnership opportunities and end user experiences. Read on for a look at these common challenges and how to address them before you hit publish on your next API.

The rise in microservices and application teams means that B2B organizations needs to cater to a whole new way of working. Empowering many teams within an organization to deploy their changes in parallel via API driven workflows in critical. Here is a tactical post on how to enable this via Akamai’s CDN capabilities

Introducing the ability to Purge via Cache Tags

Purges allow CDN users to update stale content on their website. This is crucial to website and app owners trying to maximize their application offload by providing longer TTLs, thereby reducing their own operating costs while also improving end-user performance.

Cache tags or content tags go one step further by enabling users to group content and purge many things at the same time. Read about different scenarios this helps with across many verticals here

A CDN’s Evolving Role in the New DevOps World

In an ultra competitive world with abundant access to resources, pushing out one change every six months isn’t enough to keep up with the market. Companies today have streamlined deployment processes and capabilities in order to speed up deployments from yearly, to as often as possible. DevOps represents the category of innovations that speed up time to market and increase developer productivity by reducing friction in the deployment pipeline. Read more here