About Me

My product adventures have focused on developing consumer-grade experiences for hyperscale SaaS companies serving the world’s most recognized brands, in a cloud-first world.

2021 – Today, Boston MA

Datadog is the essential monitoring & security platform for cloud applications. It provides visibility into any technology stack, any app, at any scale, anywhere

I lead various efforts to blend Datadog’s unique Product Led Growth model with enterprise scale & data governance needs.

2017- 2021, Cambridge MA

Akamai keynote

Akamai helps create and secure digital experiences for the world’s biggest brands. An astonishing ~30% of all internet traffic flows through Akamai, enabling fast, reliable & secure online experiences

I led a cross-company initiative focused on enabling a modern developer experience that seamlessly plugged Akamai’s content delivery and security capabilities into Kubernetes & API driven technology stacks. Learn more here

2015- 17, Hopkinton MA

I launched Dell EMC’s first subscription software offering aimed at capturing the Software Defined Storage market. Test drive it here

2013- 15, Durham NC

I took a 2 year hiatus to get my MBA at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, and cheer for the Duke Blue Devils. The most inspiring two years of my life. And yes, I was a Cameron Crazy.

2009- 13, Wilton CT

I spent a few years enabling DevOps practices at ASML, the leading provider of photolithography systems. In case you’re wondering, photolithography systems are like massive robotic DJs that handle silicon wafers.

2008- 09, Norcross GA

I was fortunate enough to stumble into a software engineering position at LSI (now part of Broadcom) – a market leader in semiconductor manufacturing technology. My friends and family had a hard time grasping what my company actually did. This was just the start of a pattern that continued over time.

2006- 08, Dallas TX

My obsession with technology and computer science started with the Master’s program at UT Dallas. Go Comets!